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Customer Testimonials


“Transportation On Demand has changed the way I manage all of my shipping needs. Their exceptional customer service, competitive rates, and personable team members are unlike any other I have ever worked with. They make me feel like I am their most important customer no matter the situation. They have taken away all of my difficulties with managing my LTL pickups, delivery appointments, deadlines and overall logistics. I feel very lucky to have found such an amazing team of people and company to be working with, we plan to be partners for many years to come!”
Emily, Los Angeles, CA

“Over the past 7 years, while working for Lamas Beauty, Intl., I handled all shipments and dealt with at least 20 different carriers over this period of time.  I was always looking for someone new because it wall too common that a load was mishandled.  I t was in 2016 that I first used Transportation on Demand and can honestly say they were a God send.  In my experience, most every carrier I used either deliberately skipped my scheduled load, or forgot about and never knew until I contacted them.
It would be 24 hours later that I would learn of a missed load and it would then take another 24 hours to reschedule it.  carriers seemed to dismiss any responsibility and often tried to tell me the load was picked up when in fact it had not been.  the time spent proving the load had been missed was very time consuming.
Not only did TOD never once miss a load, they actually tracked every load from the minute it was scheduled to the moment it was delivered and communicated with me on every step they took.  This consistent, superior customer service saved valuable production time for not only Lamas but the manufacturer and the venders we serve as well.
I am very impressed by the level of support TOD provided Lamas Beauty and have the utmost appreciation for their good old fashioned customer service department and their dedication to servicing customers.  The professionalism and sincerity of the entire staff is most admirable.”
Kim A.

“When Darren came into my warehouse and spoke to me about what he could do for me in regards to getting my freight from one place to another I had heard this all before. “We will follow your freight and advise you step by step from pick up to drop off, we will be available to you”, you know the same you hear from everyone else. The difference is TOD does what they say they the will. I shipped out a couple shipments, one from my warehouse and one from a jobsite. I was surprised at the level of service I received. They did exactly what they said they would do. A jobsite pick-up is one of the hardest things to coordinate, but not anymore. The driver showed up in the time frame we were given. And I was notified as soon as the freight was picked up and dropped off. It is a pleasure to ship again! Thanks to TOD.”
David A.

“This email is long overdue, I should have sent it at least 2 months ago. But, who’s counting?  I wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent service that your entire team has been providing to us.  This is truly an example of customer service above and beyond the normal call of duty.  With all the quirkiness and ever changing demands of our trade show deliveries, it took a lot of patience and planning from your team to help us deliver what we need in a timely and expedient manner.  This is what develops lasting business relationships.  Keep up the great job and let’s hope to grow together in the future!” 
Joe B.   Camarillo, CA

“I enjoy using Transportation on Demand because I have the convenience of dealing with one company while still having several options for my freight needs. My company’s transportation needs are met with one clean package of friendly people who are willing to do what it takes to get the job done.”
Pomona, CA. 10 Years

“As I was telling you when we spoke today…You have one of the best customer service departments ever! I’m never left on hold for long periods of time, every one I have spoken to is always nice and cheery and best of all I am not let off the phone until whatever I needed is done or answered. I can’t tell you how many times other companies have told me to call back because they couldn’t answer my question or track my shipment yet. Thank you and I look forward to doing much more business with you and Transportation on Demand!”
Regards, Sarah M.

“I have been using Transportation on Demand for almost a year! They bring my books to my store before the semester begins and they also ship them back to the publishers at the end of each semester! They have the best prices in Orange County! The day I tried their services, I like it, and since then, I have used their services! Very satisfied! Darren, Cathy and their team give me updates on the process of my shipments as they are on their way to my store. They make me feel very important and that they care that my shipments arrive at the right location at the right time! They make my shipments easy and my life easy! A super great customer service from Darren, Cathy, and team! I would rate them an A++++ on customer service and at their work! 
“Thank you Transportation on Demand for your awesome work and in making our work easier!
Jose S.



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